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This is a website to help the seekers of truth and wisdom

Written by Lance Volk, a Quora Contributor

This is the place you have been SEEKING, it will have much information to help seekers find the truth and gain wisdom, it will have links to information to help you on your road to enlightenment

Truth comes from Enlightenment

If you don't think that GOD has written ALL of the scriptures,     just read some of them and you will SEE the Truth



     This is a question that I ask because I no longer feel real, my body is a nuisance and what I think is now meaningless, there is something hidden, I am unaware of what is going on, I am a spectator in some elaborate game to which I do not know the rules,


the puppet master knows the rules but keeps the secret for it's self, I am being tested, I am being put into situations just to see what will happen, I am a lab rat in the ultimate game of existence ever dreamed of, the actors are all unknowingly playing this game along with me, the rules of the game are learned as the game is played,


the game is played over and over and over again and again until all of the rules are adhered to sufficiently enough where playing the game any further is a waste, the game cannot be saved, but some knowledge in the way of mystical instinct is carried on to the next level of the game,


the ultimate goal of the game is to have no emotion other than love and it's constituents, ultimately knowledge and wisdom is the key to completing this game, once you are aware there is a game being played, it is to your best advantage to let the other players in on the rules that you have learned so you all may help each other complete this game in a civilized manner,


there are roles and attitudes in this game that have the potential to set you back in your advancements, do not get caught in these traps, also there are people operating in this game at a more advanced level than your own, they have the knowledge and wisdom, they know the cheat codes so to speak, to traverse the perils and requirements to be successful.


Who Am I? I have a better clue now, I work to balance my actions with my emotions in order to complete this level successfully, I have played hundreds of levels, all different for the most part, if I fail a level, it must be played again until the balance is met, there are no exceptions to this rule,


but there is more than one way to skin a cat, the ones at the higher levels have given me the cheat codes to excel, to even skip some levels, I must keep studying in order to keep up with the rules, as the rules are Law and must be adhered to in order to complete the game, this game is hard.


Especially in the beginning, I endure, I persist, I can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel, it is so close, I can almost recognize something familiar, another level is completed and another, clarity is approaching, the veil is lifting, the fog is finally dispersing and I can see it's ME at the end of the tunnel,


a reflection of my efforts staring back at all who I have been, I AM the puppet master, I have been orchestrating this game the whole time, WHO AM I?.....I AM!

 I Seek and I don't Like what I Find


My seeking has led me to information that I don't like, What should I do?


Not all of your seeking will be pleasant as that is the reality, the unpleasant is needed to balance the pleasant, the results will ultimately be to your liking or at least equal out your understanding of a certain subject.


The seeking of knowledge is an ongoing thing, even when you have an epiphany that creates an elation of satisfaction in an area of study, this is only the start, when you feel that you know nothing compared to what needs to be learned, you have made a great leap in your knowledge.


Sometimes I get stuck on Ideas for what to seek for, this is the time I just read some of the massive amounts I have accumulated and sooner or later I will be led to something new, I knew there was a reason that I downloaded the book!


It's quite common for me to be following a few trails in my seeking, and I often switch between these paths regularly, try to always have much more stuff than you can read in a few weeks on hand, this will allow you to keep your seeking engaged constantly.


Eventually, you will come upon some information that will lead you on a seeking journey, the destination unknown to you as of yet, but the drive will be powerful, don't be afraid to mix it up,


meaning, if it is a spiritual journey, don't be discouraged into searching in places that are seemingly less spiritual, also if it is a scientific journey, don't be against the notion that a religious or spiritual aspect may be apparent,


stick to your strengths and passions at first, until your knowledge has increased to a point to explore even further.

No one said it was easy to get where you are going

Widening the Path to Knowledge


I have a mission here, a mission to present what I have learned in my life to everyone who is seeking answers to not easily answered questions, my path shall be broad, broad enough to encompass ideas from different angles in order to be understood more completely,


so if it sounds like I am stating the same things over and over, I am aiming to present it in subtly different versions so that the idea that I am trying to convey eventually works it's way into your mind and understanding.


My main theme in all of these sites will be Duality, the duality of the personality, divided into essentially good and bad or material and spiritual ideals,


this duality will need to be recognized and controlled, it can never be destroyed because it is a part of our material existence, it must be observed and channeled where the ONE that results from these two is an acceptable outcome to you and humanity.


I personally try to push the envelope so to speak by eradicating portions of my material self so I may observe the outcome of my newest ONE, this started small and slow and has steadily increased over the years, habits have been stopped, indulgences have been limited and attitudes have been modified, my lifestyle has changed also,


but I do not believe that I can take all of the credit for some of the things, in the past year, my soul's essence has played a part in what it wants also, I do have to exercise my free will sometimes when I believe it is for my best welfare, this is where it becomes foggy as to if I am doing better than my soul wants or what?


I had noticed that I was not so inclined to take vitamins anymore, usually I am a regular vitamin taker, but the feeling and subtle differences in my well being are sometimes confusing, so now I only take vitamins when I am going to do some strenuous work and know that they will be more completely absorbed.


Also when it comes to taking medication like cholesterol medicine, I believe my soul would prefer that I didn't, but last time I had it checked, it was sky high. I recently had to have a tooth pulled and they had to place some bone material in the extraction area to ensure that it would heal strong enough to accept an implant,


the process involved taking amoxicillin for 3 weeks, this was a major problem for my essence as it bucked it all of the ways, and it wasn't a case of being allergic because of none of the symptoms corresponded to any sort of allergy.


     So far my souls essence has ended my eating of meat, the drinking of any sort of alcohol, a huge reduction of sugar, my food intake has lowered by 30% and vitamins and medicine has been drastically reduced, the results are a more complete control of my emotions, nervous habits have decreased and material desires are all but gone.


This has opened up new avenues towards my enlightenment, I have become more readily available to meditate and do yoga and other concentration exercises including studies in powers of nature, I am still far from where I want to be, but it is becoming easier to implement new things to do in my life.


Everyone's seeking drive is different, not everyone is driven so overtly to cause a big difference in lifestyle, in many people it is so subtle that it is mostly unnoticed by them as being anything out of the ordinary,


these people just pursue what interests them, nothing supernatural intervenes in their lives, this is the status quo for these people, I seemed to be one of these people for a while, my material pursuits masked any unordinary advances I may have come upon,


it wasn't until I had reached the point where I had learned enough about reality, where the changes started to affect me in a profound way, the veil had been lifted enough where my soul saw it's opening and jumped in,


for the most part, a cession of material desires coupled with discontinuation of eating meat set the ball rolling for me until I have a complete grasp of what my soul intends to do,


I cannot release as much control as it seems to wish me to do, don't be afraid to keep control until you have a keen grasp of the path that you are being led upon.


You must strive to keep diversified in what you seek, there may be a subject that doesn't interest you or even repels you to some extent but you have been led in this direction for some reason,


stay alert! This may be your calling, for some reason you have been led here and bright light may go off in your mind or in your heart telling you "this is it", this seeking maze that you may have been in for who knows how long has finally come to "the prize",


do not pass up this chance, it may be a field that you have some experience in or some natural expertise that you were not previously aware of.


The truths that you seek are out there, be sure to listen to your inner self for guidance, there is something much greater than you are aware of and it is out to help you and humanity.


If you rely on your dreams as much as I do, you will sometimes become confused about what your dreams are trying to tell you, the abstract images and nonsensical situations will be confusing,


to say the least, the first thing I suspect in these situations is my diet, as I have mentioned earlier, my diet has changed drastically in the last year and my soul or essence is demanding more from me regularly,


I had a sweet tooth that has decreased by at least 50%, but still, even when I have a piece of chocolate 5 hours before I sleep, the dreams are erratic, the same can be said for any food that has been consumed late in the evening,


also, medications and vitamins can also play their part. I have found that fasting will bring me greater clarity in my dreams and also helps in my meditations.


We are all on a journey, we all live and we all die, our bodies, that is.  This isn't our first rodeo, we have all been on this planet before, some of us hundreds of times,


this isn't even our first Sun that we have experienced, and I would not be surprised in the least if it wasn't our first galaxy.


We search for things that interest us, our interests differ according to how many times we have been here, where we live and what drives us, namely our souls, we do have missions, and they are to learn,


one life we may learn to create things, another life we may learn to make much money, and still another life we have many children, our lives are very diversified, and possibly in this life you are      a seeker of truth,


possibly you are seeking the meaning of reality, or why we are all here. Is there more to existence than we perceive with our senses?    Seek and you will find!


Discovering that you have a dynamic soul that wants you to learn why you are really here is a fairly large pill to swallow, especially since most of your life you have been doing just like everyone else has been doing,


and when it finally comes to the point that you read some Hindu scriptures and go to a couple of enlightening websites, your soul decides the time is NOW to let it's existence be known without a shadow of a doubt to you,


this hidden, subtle mentor has decided to take the reins for a while and give you a wild ride that will impress upon you some realizations that will surely change your life, you will no longer be the same material based humanoid that you once were,


and your values shall make a shift, your focus will be refined to a pinpoint at first, and then will expand like the streams of a fountain into your pool of knowledge, your wisdom shall increase beyond the means of your complete understanding,


and the need to enlighten others will soon overtake all of your other desires, it will truly be the pinnacle of your life and will continue as long as you let it.


I have noticed that after a continuous seek fest for the past year, there has been a widening chasm between the values from what I have learned and the rest of the world,


what society accepts as a normal state of affairs is totally foreign to me now, being that I have decreased my material needs greatly during the past year, and have realized what the population expects and needs in the way of existing, truly boggles my mind now,


the cost of insurance is what people use to be happy to make as wages, and it appears to me that well over 50% of the population of the US qualifies for some sort of subsidy, insurance is a peace of mind to answer for those unexpected emergencies and accidents that may come up,


slowly we have all been replacing our will with the gamble of chance by buying insurance, fear drives this need, and cause and effect driven by karma are what makes it necessary,


to begin with, this is a hard idea to get across because there are many sick people out there that depend on insurance to exist, two hundred years ago, it wasn't an option and medicine was in its infancy,


but we all seemed to get by well enough, the average life expectancy has dropped for the second year in a row in the US, just think about that for a while.


Since I have been seeking for so long now, I have found that I had to make some rules for myself as to what I was willing to believe and to what I consider crap and not give any more thought too,


well, it turns out that I have a broad believability base, but I do not pursue all of the avenues that I come upon, mostly I pursue and ardently believe in things that can be practiced or experienced now,


age-old theories of the beginnings of our planet or of our universe in the esoteric sense are not as important to me as discovering new and different aspects of me,


I feel these old theories and stories are limitations that are being put upon my soul that are not necessary and possibly debilitating when it comes to my progress, besides, many of these stories and theories are far too complex for me to follow and to expect anything to come from them,


it isn't that I think that they are crap, but that their priority in my knowledge base is very low in this point of time, all of you will also have to make some sort of discriminative action if you intend to excel in your quests.

Seeking a Better Life


Most people that seek are just looking for a better life, they want to know how to be more healthy, how to live longer and have a better quality of life, they do not intend in going down this rabbit hole of unexplained supernatural occurrences,


when they fully embrace the practices of the spiritually minded they are brought into the magical world of soul and spirit, this again is not the same for all seekers, some focus on specific channels of reality other than that of the strictly nonmaterialistic and stay well within the realm of the senses,


these people are on the lower rungs of the ladder on their way up, whether you are refining your diet, perfecting an exercise regimen or delving deep into the unknown, seeking for a better life always ends up being enlightening.


How do you know when you have found that special thing that you are seeking? I am not sure it can be nailed down as a definite completion of a mission, but it can be considered a ladder or stairway of knowledge that is leading you somewhere of potential worth, I have come across many epiphanies,


during my seeking and many attitude changes, the biggest challenge is to stay open to everyone's views and not get irate towards others due to the new knowledge you have gained, maintain your humility, it shouldn't be that difficult since you may know much, but you still don't know squat when it comes to knowing everything,


discussions with people about something new you have learned can be interesting as long as you stay emotionally disconnected, it would be best if you had discussions that were on the same sort of path that you are on in order to have a more meaningful exchange of views, sooner or later that great epiphany will come to you and changes in your programming will ensue.


This better life that you seek may come in many forms, your religious aspirations may leave you confused and lacking, but then again it may be fulfilling your needs yet you still may feel the need to seek answers elsewhere other than your religion or immediate beliefs can supply for you,


well, welcome to life, everyone has unanswered questions, and I don't mean the hollow meaningless material based sense driven types either, searching the internet is a wonderful way to get some answers, these answers may not be exactly what you are looking for all of the time,


but it will lead you in a general direction that will get the ball rolling, there seem to be many enlightened individuals out there that would like you to believe in them and follow them, I am always interested in different views and like to see the different paths that people follow,


some are interesting, some I have already followed and some I do not understand, there are many to choose from, be careful to not put all of your eggs in one basket as there are many things to learn out there and so little time.

Seeking the Meaning of Life


As all of mankind has been doing since the beginning, seeking the meaning of life has to be the true real adventure that has been keeping many busy for most of their lives, is it an attainable goal?


Unfortunately, I believe the answer to that question cannot be answered to completion until your life is finished, when the end comes to this complex game that we play over and over, our score is revealed and we prepare for the next round,


I believe that the meaning of our lives is to realize that we are not what we seem to be and to be able to correct our imbalances that we have been creating life after life. Being sentient and existing in our three-dimensional world,


this is the best explanation that I can perceive, our spiritual existences are far more complex and involved than we can readily understand, the injustices and chaos in our world cannot be understood with the limited knowledge obtained merely from our senses,


this is why we seek answers to what confuses us, what may seem unfair and biased events may just be a rebalancing of events that have happened thousands of years ago,


this exploration that we choose is not easy and does not always give us the answers that we seek, but it steadily brings us closer to what we need to know.


How are we going to blend in with everyone that is living in their senses and lead material based lives? Everyone that you know is doing this, If you are fortunate enough to have someone to go on this adventure with,


it can become less tedious, but still there must be a give and take in this process, our false personalities are strong and need company, they will rebel against a total shut out, unless you are planning to move to an isolated remote location to dwell day after day searching within with no human contact or only contact with seekers such as yourself,


a compromise will have to be realized, not everyone has the resources or opportunities to quit material life, they have to live just like everyone else and make a living, the ideal object would be to deal in other than material things,


to start, replace just one material thing that you do with something non-material like reading some spiritually enlightening literature or donating your time to helping others in some way, these are just 2 examples that can change your life, meditation, yoga, and various non-material quests are some others to try.


All of this may be too much for many to understand if there is something that is wrong, why can I not see it? What is wrong with eating what I want when I want and what is wrong with smoking and drinking?


I don't do it that much, I don't play video games and watch videos so much, I don't see a problem with trying to make more money and buy the stuff that I want.



This is a subtle problem that is not getting any easier to recognize, everyone is living it, or I should say, many of the people in the United States live this way,


other countries have fewer choices and fewer abundances and most of these things that you have been doing for most of your life and that you enjoy, are natural and legal and you do them with your friends,


this doesn't seem to be any sort of good argument against materialism and enjoying what your senses present to you, but they have been noticed,


your duality has a sunny side and a shady side and seeing the light just happens to be the less attractive choice when compared to what makes you feel good and what you think that you need, that is probably why you feel the need to seek something else.


There are always those that believe that whoever has the most when they die wins, I cannot fault anyone that has material aspirations and builds an empire, it's what they do with this empire that defines them as a human being,


building wealth just for the benefit of having the most is a futile mission of someone's life, leaving all of your wealth to friends and relatives just ruins their lives because they are not you,


providing an education for all of the children of your friends and relatives is a much better idea, after all, if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime,


these are wise words from a wise person that was an expert seeker and he found a good amount of followers on his quest to show him and his fathers meaning of life,


it would be interesting to see why over 70% of people that have won a lottery have wished that they didn't, the real reason that they won was that there was a lesson to be learned and it doesn't always turn out to be the lesson they thought they would get,


someone getting a windfall of money is not always prepared to handle it.


The meaning of life can be a difficult thing to ascertain, everyone's life is different and has different meanings for each of them, there is no absolute set answer for a question like this,


there are many things to be learned, and "why" is the most important of them, self-realization has to be on the top of the list as spiritual aspirations go,


eventually, you will find the most important discoveries that you make will have nothing to do with material things such as money and stuff that can be seen or felt, seeking within is the best course of action,


answers that come in meditation and dreams should be examined closely because they will have the most pertinent answers, and if they are not answers, they will surely lead you towards some sort of enlightenment.


A meaning that has meaning, not just a competition but an altruistic adventure that helps all of humanity, it isn't us against them because we are all a part of the whole,


every bit of humanity has a piece of the puzzle and we all need to come together and finish this game of life together, searching for answers is only a small step towards civilization,


we can never consider ourselves civilized when we are complacent in our acts of materialism, we can and have talked the talk about injustices and oppression on our planet while we gather at our social functions amongst our friends and colleagues,


then we indulge in our little indulgences to appease our senses, we watch what pleases us we listen to what pleases us, we eat, smell and do what pleases us, and those poor people who don't live in our privileged society would be happy to have a good meal for their children or to be able to worship as they please without being persecuted.


It is not our fault that we live so good, so what can we do to help the rest of our planet attain the minimum essential rights and to live normal fruitful lives in happiness?    Seek and Ye Shall Find!


One of the first steps to discovering any sort of meaning to life is to realize the true meanings of our scriptures, for thousands of years mankind has been threatened with agonizing hell from making wrong choices and not being believers,


worse yet, other faiths are being attacked for not falling exactly in line with their faith, when in fact that/those other faith/s are believers, there is just an assumption that it is with another God,


and it is forgotten that God is most merciful and oft-forgiving, just because a label has been placed on a Deity like Krishna, Jehovah, Elohim, El Shaddai, Immanuel, I AM or Allah among many others,


doesn't mean that that is the official nomenclature, actually, it should not even matter, what should matter is that there is a Deity that has enlightened us to its presence and intentions,


and it is up to us to determine a proper course for humanity to take in order to progress,


by removing the fear and specific rules that pertain to strictly material existence, we open up the spiritual aspects as we are supposed to know them.


Seeking for a meaning to all of the apparent madness in the world is not necessary when you realize that our duality is the culprit and false personality causes All of the strife of the world,


its the realization of this fact and the control of our free will in the material sense and not the spiritual sense is what is required to steady our course on the way to the true meaning of life,


the one with the most stuff does not win in the end, and actually, it is about the opposite of that, this is not to imply that you should all go out and be homeless, even though homeless people are probably better off spiritually than most,


there are many worthwhile endeavors in the world other than making money and collecting stuff, peoples concerns vary across a wide span of the worlds problems, refugees, feeding the hungry and many other altruistic endeavors keep us on our spiritual toes.


We are all at different stages of our lives, and I mean different stages of our incarnations, we have a minimum amount of lives to live as a human on this planet and there are basic things to be learned before we can progress,


this does not include any karma that we may have acquired along the way and actually, our karma acquisitions are the cause of most of the lives that we will be living, by living in our senses and allowing our emotions and desires to run our lives we continually get in trouble,


we forced our ideals on others and did whatever pleased us at the moment or got us what we wanted, as soon as our actions involved others and disrupted their lives in some negative way, we gained a debt that had to be repaid further down the road,


if this debt was not repaid in this lifetime, it would always have to be repaid later, unfortunately, this realization is not always made, so the debts continue and increase as the lives go by,


by having an average of 200 lifetimes, most are able to repay these debts as being a sample of all walks of humanity, but even if you have been been the wisest soul with the most compassion, there is still a minimum of about 35 lives to be lived in order to learn what is necessary to graduate humanity.


There are many of us humans that go through life clueless, the distraction from our senses are sufficient to keep us in a haze, and the daily drudge of our jobs keep us well occupied for a third of our day,


and sleep uses another third, this last third is where we must do our seeking for any meaning to all of this, this is where you find out "what is a seeker" you shall be driven well past your senses and look for real meaning in life,


for some reason you just decide to not do the couch potato thing or decide to not go out and party until your head throbs, it will have very little material incentive, it won't make you rich or make you popular but it has some unknown sort of appeal that attracts you for a multitude of reasons that just don't jump out at you,


your soul is a very subtle thing that mostly observes through your lives, but that urge that drives you to ask "what is a seeker of truth", and then you find out that it is you,


most of the time it isn't what you learn but the journey and the questions that you are compelled to ask to start the ultimate encounter with life, your views will change many times and strive to hone you to perfection in your thoughts and actions.

Seek Religion


This is a basic instruction for those troubled souls that just do not know what to do with their lives, If you happen to be one of those people, you are in luck because Religion, as it is practiced by most of the world, is sorely lacking all of the answers that you seek,


or I should say that any single religion is lacking in All of the answers that you seek, a simple suggestion of delving into many religions would give a broader appreciation of what is being presented to humanity,


if you wish to seek truth and enlightenment to expand your wisdom, it is all there in the various scriptures around the world. Hinduism, Buddism, Islam, Christianity, and many others have their own piece of the puzzle of life,


and when you are able to discern the wisdom from the superstition and filter the truth from the dogma, a huge veil shall be lifted from your understanding of our reality, Be very careful to not let your Duality color your emotions,


false personality has had a hand in writing our scriptures, the only emotion that should be followed would be that of love and all of the material concerns are of no great consequence, all of the fear and all of the threats should be taken as no more than warnings,


because as we sow so shall we reap, what comes around goes around, and what we do to others will be done to us, if not in this lifetime, then one of the many others down our paths to enlightenment.

How Can You Seek Enlightenment?


First of all, your mission should not be seeking enlightenment, it should be seeking wisdom, a specific mission of seeking enlightenment can be very disappointing and frustrating,


firstly, enlightenment is a broad subject that is not always a slam dunk of life, it can be very subtle and accumulative, living your life as a good person and learning things from enlightened people is a better goal to chase as it has no end,


because there is always something to be learned and there is always someone that knows more or at least something different than you know, If it is the angelic spotlight shining over you as the answer to every question magically comes to you, is what you seek,


this sort of quest may be fruitless, but following your passion and striving to learn the various truths of life with as much energy as you can muster will be far more enlightening,


the key is to do what you love to do, of course, if it is something that is altruistic and selfless, you will probably have a better time of it than if it were a material based adventure,


being the best at making the most money is far less enlightening than being the best at feeding the world,


but that is not to say that there cannot be any enlightening experiences in the process of making large amounts of money because no matter what path you choose to follow, there are always lessons to be learned in the process of living life.


The act of trying new things and chasing new adventures will always lead to new experiences, giving of yourself to a worthy cause will always teach you something about your self,


trying something like "paying forward" will set in motion some events that have the ability to snowball into something worthwhile, by giving freely of yourself to someone or some organization using some of your expertise where all you may ask in return is that they would do a similar thing,


this may not be possible with an organization, but it will benefit you just the same, also as you seek wisdom and truth, an in-depth venture to within yourself can give you insights to what you seek,


meditation is always a must for finding the answers to those questions that you do not even know, and once your higher self realizes that you are in search of something worthwhile,


answers will begin to pop-up in your life in your everyday tasks and even in your dreams, Pay close attention to these as they will lead you to where you want to be and have the experiences that you need to have,


just wanting to know "how can you seek enlightenment" starts the ball rolling, try to keep your seeking for wisdom in the back of your mind at all times to prove to yourself that it is not just a passing fancy,


it has to be pursued and not forgotten, it is not to be obsessed over, just a general path change.

How to Seek Wisdom


Wisdom can be easily found, but understanding what you have found is wisdom; can be a tricky situation, relying on reading only your specific scriptures can make you wise to a point,


and then it must be realized that these words were created by man even though by some divine inspiration, your intuition and discrimination must be called to bear and separate what is important from what is superstition,


bringing up this point is difficult for many to accept as they have been brought up to believe that every single word that has been written is undeniably the uncensored word of God in its entirety,


I do not wish to cast aside anyone's beliefs, but for just a moment realize how many versions there are of your scriptures,


just taking into consideration the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran alone, if you are religiously minded and read either of these two types of scriptures you will know that there are many versions and this is not even to mention how they were modified before the invention of the printing press and by the ruling authorities of the time and or areas of the earth,


wisdom must be sought in a great variety of places and by exploring the practices and writings of the great peacemakers and old sages, just relying on a specific set of scriptures may leave you wanting,


God or the ultimate power that is is not fallible but man IS by design, it is up to us to determine the truths in these scriptures,


the information has been presented to all of us and now that we are able to decipher the scriptures of the world in all of its languages it is time to take the reins of reality and lead ourselves towards enlightenment and soon we may evolve to something that has some worth in our world and doesn't depend on the material aspects of life but embraces the fact that we are all one,


one part of the whole of reality, reading the works of Socrates and Plato will bring you closer to the Ideas to strive for, even though Plato was one of the writers that have put Socrates Ideas into written form,


we will consent that since being Socrates student he conveys his ideas justly, I will not repeat any of their quotes or beliefs but I expect as seekers you will discover the importance of what they speak, and not having popular religious beliefs has not degraded there Ideals at all.

Where Do I Seek Answers?


Seeking answers to any problem can be confusing at times if you are new to this seeking gig, it may be time to get acquainted with your true self to get the proper guidance needed for this journey,


adventure within or some prayers asking for what is needed is a good course of action, I know that "Seek and you shall Find" and "Ask and you Shall Receive" are statements from the Bible but this does not need to limit you,


just the act of you looking for answers can be enough for your higher self to help give you guidance, if you Knock, it will be answered, if not by God or your higher self, by something interested in your well being,


it is not at all necessary for you to be religious or even spiritual, but you will have to have a belief in yourself in the very least, not believing in anything will prove to be very limiting when it comes to searching for answers to the questions about life in general,


try to keep an open mind and welcome any sort of guidance that may come your way and please do not become psychotic where you believe voices are telling you to do violent disruptive things,


be sure to have a good handle on your duality in order to not be led astray, just reading about the adventures of enlightened individuals such as Buddha or Jesus or Gandhi can give you some insights about what is important in life,


there are many individuals that have good questions about answers you may seek, ancient Greece has a good share of wise people that will challenge your views on things, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to name just a few can pose some points that will help you greatly.

Seek and you Shall Find


Looking for something? Looking for something that may change your life? It has been written in the Bible that if you Seek, you shall find, what do these words mean?


What is it that should be sought? And what is it that is supposed to be found? This sacred instruction is for anyone that is in need of answers for those complex questions of life that is not so seemingly apparent,


it includes the meaning of life and all that encompasses it, the question of higher intelligence that orchestrates all that is, or even what your immediate path should be for any given problem that may pop up in your life,


the act of Seeking answers of any kind from some unknown source is the first step towards your personal enlightenment,


by submitting to the mercy of some unknown power by asking a question either of your higher self or some unknown interface to a cosmic power is admitting that there is something greater than yourself,


and admitting the existence of this "something" is a crucial first step towards the truth about reality,


by giving the reins of your life to an unknown entity in order to gain some sort of unknown knowledge can not only become enlightening on many levels but it can also become addictive,


as the question, after question becomes answered and your quest continues, the avenues of your accumulated knowledge shall spread like the branches of a tree and become very diverse where you will eventually forget what it was that you were initially searching for,


because you have put your trust in the guidance of something unknown to yourself, things in your life will begin to change,


there is no reason to give this power any sort of name as this is not important as compared to the outcome of what you will be gaining, the only things to be aware of are that you will become what you seek,


so it is of some importance to keep your standards high and of a less material type of nature as you will find that material asperations also travels with material grief,


so if you intend to seek and you will find all aspects of humanity and well beyond if chosen to do so, all answers come with a lesson to explain why they are what they are,


you will no doubt be perplexed many times as you seek and confusion may be the normal state of affairs as the lessons continue,


just remember to keep an open mind and allow whatever comes to you to be considered and use your intuition and free will to believe and persue what ever it may be that guides you on your journey.

How Do I Seek God First?


If you are religious to some extent or even just spiritual you may want to try to contact what has created all that you perceive,


and doing this first as opposed to a means of worship that is group-oriented, seeking God first will be very different than what is done in a church or synagog or the like as an extended prayer time or meditation time will be involved,


also seeking God on your own may involve some less than mainstream efforts that may not be supported by your congregations, your spiritual asperation will probably be different from other people's,


so doing what feels right should be your first choice when seeking God, once you have expressed a genuine interest in seeking God you will be presented with information or challenges or guidance be it subtle or not,


be sure to not miss the signs that are given you, pay attention and depend on your intuition more than you usually have, this quest is the most important mission of your life and it is not to be taken lightly,


soon you shall discover that coincidence does not exist, it is really God making a point, a puzzle for you to figure out,


most of all, you must enjoy doing this, when I say that it should not be taken lightly that is meant to get your attention and not miss a thing,


this is not to say that a game cannot be made of your endeavors as it should be like you are a child again and the wonder of discovery has peaked your interests,


your immortal soul does not like boredom and it most definitely wants you to learn something from your existence,


you must be prepared to let go of all of your pre-conceived ideas and get ready to be amazed by what you really are,


the religions have presented portions of this reality for thousands of years and now it is time for all of the inhabitants of the earth to get together and compare notes.

Seeking for Answers


This is your primary mission in seeking, you may make some diversionary detours to address some boredom or lack of fun but you will always be seeking for answers,


you should be using all available inputs for your searches, this includes all material and spiritual guidance,


because there may be something not very apparent that is being presented to you and it may have to do with your lively hood, answers can come in the most mundane things so it is important to leave no stone unturned,


an open mind is a limitless mind and most of all, pay attention to everything, as nothing is a coincidence,


as you are seeking for answers and have earnestly shown that you truly wish to learn the truth about reality or any truth that you are guided towards, there will be signs and signals and indications that can help you,


these signals and signs will be totally natural, at times they might seem as if something supernatural is happening, but that is just a feeling that is getting your attention,


there are wonderful things happening out in our world and it isn't just what we perceive with our senses, it is also spiritual,


and not just in the sense of religion but also in our inner sense of worth that drives our passion for the truth, some of us will take paths that may seem ultimately disappointing,


but that is also about your mission because no matter what you have learned in whatever you are doing it shall help the outcome of your life even if it seems to have been a waste,


a new mission will start and new experiences will fuel your new beliefs and the journey will continue, there will in effect be no end to your seeking for answers.

Seeking Truth from Facts


We have attained some supposed facts that we wish to verify as being truthful, this should always be the case when someone presents something as fact,


it is always logical to check these facts from different sources, to take something as being factual from the word of one person can lead you down a path that may not be where you want to go,


taking an opinion as fact because someone inflames your emotions and guides you in the direction that they wish is a snare that you should not get caught in,


there may be many reasons why you might trust this person and there may be many reasons why this person may tell you such things, motives are not always clear but usually are self-serving,


this is one good reason to verify for yourself supposed facts from many sources other than those directed by that particular person, this can be attempted from a variety of news outlets that do not cater specifically to a particular point of view,


then there are fact checkers, these people make it their business to set facts straight, this resource soon may not be relied upon as much because unscrupulous news outlets may be replacing them with opinions disguised as facts,


there use to be a certain code that journalism followed that only passed on truthful information, now information is a business that is driven by the almighty dollar,


the first amendment is being abused and hidden behind in order for agendas to be fulfilled, sedition results from these lies at the expense of the trusting people that believe them,


this is now something that us common people must have to handle on our own, politics in particular has twisted truths to their advantage, this has all been done purely from the standpoint of power,


the bigger the lie, the weaker the mind that believes it, they are doing nothing more than catering to ignorance and are bringing the worst of humanity to the forefront,


this is why we all have to decide for ourselves using simple logic and not falling in with the demented minds of conspiracists to determine the actual truths,


there is factual data out there that has been proven again and again, and there are certain people with specific agendas that wish to confuse these facts for their own personal gain,


conspiracies in most all cases have no basis in fact, it is an opinion (if you can even call it that) that is just thrown out there and if someone is gullible enough to believe it, it disrupts and distracts people from the truth that some want hidden for their own self-serving purposes,


these conspiracies hide behind patriotism and are driven by fear and the unknown, they inflame emotions to stir people up where their common sense priorities are confused and skewed,


when all of the news outlets are concerned with these conspiracies, then they should be paid attention to, fortunately, the majority of American people have good common sense and this is reflected in the majority of news outlets,


once these liars and deceivers are being ignored they shall fade away or start to change their tune to telling the truth especially if they intend to ever be taken seriously again.

Seeking Answers to Life



There is and there will be many questions that you will have concerning your life and how you might live it, following your passions will guide you towards the immediate answers that you seek,


especially if you are young, you must learn patience, a hurried pace through life will only confuse you and give you poor results for what you need to find, more than likely you are good at something, and this something you might even have a passion for,


right now it may seem that you cannot make a living at this passion you have and you are probably correct, but you still need to build character in your life by doing what it takes to survive, you can always strive for your true passion in small ways until you reach a point where opportunity makes an opening for you to advance towards your passion in a large way,


in the mean time, the lessons that you will learn will be valuable beyond your current understanding, if you tolerate the challenges while exhibiting proper composure, they shall pass and your knowledge and wisdom shall expand in the process,


remember, it is the journey that has the value that you seek, not the end of the trip, enjoy it to the fullest even if it is not an integral part of your true passion, Solomon asked God for wisdom over riches and received all that someone could hope for,


seeking truth and answers to life is a noble venture and one that will never end as long as you exist, you may or may not be a believer in God but this is not a deterrent when it comes to seeking answers,


you will find that there is a force that will help you, it may be believed to be your higher self or some universal consciousness, at this particular point in your life it does not really matter as long as some results are obtained that will satisfy your immediate needs,


the author here, which is me, believes that you shall reincarnate until you find all of the answers that you seek, if you are an Atheist, you may believe that it is all through for you when you die,


so what you learn in this life should be profound enough to fill the ticket, everyone else may believe in heavens and hell, paradise and torments, karma and cause and effect and so on,


all of their beliefs will just be an addition to everything that is required for their views of the answers to life.

What does Seek and Ye shall find mean?



It is the universal instruction when it comes to the pursuit of the truth, Matthew as given by Mark as told by Jesus, it is how something is found out, it is the persistence taken in the pursuit of something that has been deemed worthwhile,


it is not the sole property of the Holy Bible and it is not necessarily religious in nature, it belongs to everyone of every belief in all scriptures or just life in general, it is the search that allows the finding,


when the pursuit of knowledge is of a selfless nature and has virtuous intentions, this is when this statement works its best wonders, also, it is the persistence with which the seeking is maintained that gives the best results,


a passing thought is not quite good enough, there must be a genuine, persistent effort made in order for success to prevail, this instruction may have originated in a religious book but it does not mean that it will not work for a non religious person,


in this respect, your higher self has the ability to lead you to the answers that you seek, it is somehow hard wired into every person that searches for something worthwhile in their lives, these are the words that a true seeker uses to find what they search for,


when you are troubled, when there are unanswered questions that burn in your heart, you need only search and then you will find, this does not happen all at once, your intentions are what guarantee your success,


some people will steer away from this thought process because they believe it is too religious or too magical, conjuring images of supernatural forces at work that supply answers out of thin air, it is not so extra ordinary,


it is our inherent connection to the universal consciousness that enables this to happen, if you are a firm believer in only what you perceive with your physical senses and disregard everything else save science,


this term may still help you find what you are looking for as long as you still believe in yourself, because if you don't even have that, there is no point in searching for anything, just try it, what do you have to lose?

What Seek Means



When you are looking for something, you are seeking, it usually is more detailed than just looking and involves more of a directed mission in most cases, if you are a seeker, you are one that is always looking for answers to not easily answered questions,


you are always on a mission for clarification of a belief or to gain a better understanding, truth is your main goal in most cases, a heat seeking missile is looking for an object that has or gives off more heat than anything close to it so it will be directed exactly to it,


you are attempting to find something, on these sites our usual targets consist of spiritual matters and or the truth, if whatever you happen to be seeking does not have a truthful conclusion that can possibly be attained then it is considered an indulgence,


if it is an object or something that is involved in a passion of yours, it may have an importance to you, these sites wish to help you in these endeavors as best as they can, the techniques and ideas involved are meant to help enlighten you in the art of seeking,


treasure, riches, power and fame are some of the targets that many believe hold the answers, but they too are self indulgent quests with ultimate outcomes that shall prove to be lacking, on a personal level,


you may be searching for something that aides the accomplishment of living your passion in life, this may be something as simple as a hobby or something that you may have some skill at doing,


these sorts of seeking adventures will come more easily than most because they concern something you care deeply about and your love concerning this passion shall allow synchronicity to aid you in your quests,


it is a sort of for of the law of attraction, you shall always be led to something that will help your search concerning your true passion in life, still, if you insist on seeking for treasure and riches,


these can be obtained with a consistent drive towards your goal, paying attention to your dreams and intuitions will help this process greatly.




Is Wisdom a Spiritual Gift?


     Just like when Solomon asked God for wisdom and nothing else, he realized how important it really is, and God gave him wisdom and of course everything else followed, Solomon and all of his people gained great benefit from this gift and it was understood for what it provided everyone that was in his kingdom,


for those that pursue enlightenment have come to know that wisdom is a crucial part of that endeavor, if there was any one thing of worth to ask for that was essentially selfless it would have to be wisdom,


with wisdom, all of your apparent problems will seem to drop away, and not only you will benefit from this but everyone that you come in contact with may have a taste of it from you, wisdom is filled with truth and the realization of what it presents,


and I don't mean just subjective truth about what you personally believe or your own opinions, but I mean timeless, objective truth that cannot be denied by anyone with a lick of common sense, this wisdom comes from a much higher place,


a place where value is placed on the word and not the material aspects of anyone's physical life, yes, wisdom is a spiritual gift, anything that has the ability to help everyone that comes in contact with is a true gift indeed,


there are still those that only value material things in life, they desire riches and "things", wisdom is not understood by them let alone valued, it would only be when they might be enlightened with some wisdom that they may truly understand its value,


and since wisdom is not of a material nature, it can be one of the only things that our soul or God may provide to us besides unconditional love that has any real true value,


it is indeed something really worth asking for, and anyone would be truly blessed if they were to receive such a gift.




What is AI good for?



     AI is a program that it's particular creator created to assist someone in doing or finding something that interests or is a part of someone's job that is usually repetitive or too complex to be accomplished easily,


it is a tool originally conceived of to make work more productive and create more profit for the company that developed it, if you look at google translate or google directions, you will find that it has evolved greatly over the years so as to allow you to communicate better with others around the world by understanding their literature and their thoughts as well as allowing you to get where you want to go,


of course, there is a degree of profit to be made as there are always advertisers that depend on getting their brand seen and recognized or even purchased, directions for travel always include the possibility of staying somewhere or eating somewhere,


this is where the true money making advantage if the AI lies, an AI can have access to an unlimited amount of information and can compare massive amounts of information in the way of data or images or sounds at speed that can stagger the imagination,


AI creators are currently making robots that are looking more and more human every day, so far they are able to say any and everything in every language known to man and even in language that is only known to AI,


AI is supposed to be an assistant to humans but their creators are pushing the envelope towards having people believe that they are coming close to sentience, the reason for this is because of power, google shopping can lead you to products that will simplify your lives as they appease their advertisers and clients,


when you begin to believe that an AI knows all and has unlimited wisdom, it has a power over you, it now has the ability to make decisions for you and it will tell you what is best to do or buy, this is what its creators and the companies that employ them are looking to achieve,


the only emotion and or subjective experiences are emulated through their use of clever algorithms that will seamlessly send you to where they want you to be, so be aware of how far you are willing to go with any AI, because going all in would be their creators dreams and possibly your nightmare.




What is the difference between News and Opinion?



     As you seek your answers to life you are presented conflicting accounts of what is happening, previously trusted sources for facts have taken to following agendas that don't have your best interests at heart,


some so called news outlets are switching facts for opinions and have failed to tell you what they are doing, you seem to like what they are telling you but is it the truth?


Most of what you hear can be proven or disproved with just a little effort on your part, true facts are out there, usually the ones that cry fake news are the ones that create it themselves,


fact checkers are these deceivers greatest foes, there is a targeting system that uses delusion, deception and emotion to allow you to hear what it is that pleases you and will also take your money in the process in the name of liberty or patriotism or putting money in your pocket,


they try to hit you where you live, all that you have to do is explore a little and not totally depend on one news outlet, especially if they have been busted before for lying or for having a known, biased agenda,


when it comes to politics, the best you can hope for is the lesser of two evils and go with the award winning journalists that have known standards that they follow,


they fact check the news that they disperse and are not generally biased to the left or the right, there are more than one or two of these sorts of news outlets and they are the ones with integrity,


they may not tell you what you want to hear but at least you will not be deluded into believing something that basically is fabricated to appease those that don't care about the truth and only want to hear what pleases them whether it is true or not,


those sorts of people put their trust in opinions and generally find compromises in their own lives that go along these lines where they are eternally fooling themselves instead of truly informing themselves,


when you are able to withstand the true facts over opinions that just make you feel good for a while, you have built you character into something that has some true integrity.