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This is a website to help the seekers of truth and wisdom

This is the place you have been SEEKING, it will have much information to help seekers find truth and gain wisdom, it will have links to information to help you on your road to enlightenment

Truth comes from Enlightenment

Truth comes from Enlightenment

If you don't think that GOD has written ALL of the scriptures,     just read some of them and you will SEE the Truth



     This is a question that I ask because I no longer feel real, my body is a nuisance and what I think is now meaningless, there is something hidden, I am unaware of what is going on, I am a spectator in some elaborate game to which I do not know the rules,


the puppet master knows the rules but keeps the secret for it's self, I am being tested, I am being put into situations just to see what will happen, I am a lab rat in the ultimate game of existence ever dreamed of, the actors are all unknowingly playing this game along with me, the rules of the game are learned as the game is played,


the game is played over and over and over again and again until all of the rules are adhered to sufficiently enough where playing the game any further is a waste, the game cannot be saved, but some knowledge in the way of mystical instinct is carried on to the next level of the game,


the ultimate goal of the game is to have no emotion other than love and it's constituents, ultimately knowledge and wisdom is the key to completing this game, once you are aware there is a game being played, it is to your best advantage to let the other players in on the rules that you have learned so you all may help each other complete this game in a civilized manner,


there are roles and attitudes in this game that have the potential to set you back in your advancements, do not get caught in these traps, also there are people operating in this game at a more advanced level than your own, they have the knowledge and wisdom, they know the cheat codes so to speak, to traverse the perils and requirements to be successful.


Who Am I? I have a better clue now, I work to balance my actions with my emotions in order to complete this level successfully, I have played hundreds of levels, all different for the most part, if I fail a level, it must be played again until the balance is met, there are no exceptions to this rule,


but there is more than one way to skin a cat, the ones at the higher levels have given me the cheat codes to excel, to even skip some levels, I must keep studying in order to keep up with the rules, as the rules are Law and must be adhered to in order to complete the game, this game is hard.


Especially in the beginning, I endure, I persist, I can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel, it is so close, I can almost recognize something familiar, another level is completed and another, clarity is approaching, the veil is lifting, the fog is finally dispersing and I can see it's ME at the end of the tunnel,


a reflection of my efforts staring back at all who I have been, I AM the puppet master, I have been orchestrating this game the whole time, WHO AM I?.....I AM!

 I Seek and I don't Like what I Find


My seeking has led me to information that I don't like, What should I do?

Not all of your seeking will be pleasant as that is reality, the unpleasant is needed to balance the pleasant, the results will ultimately be to your liking or at least equal out your understanding of a certain subject.


The seeking of knowledge is an ongoing thing, even when you have an epiphany that creates an elation of satisfaction in an area of study, this is only the start, when you feel that you know nothing compared to what needs to be learned, you have made a great leap in your knowledge.


Sometimes I get stuck on Ideas for what to seek for, this is the time I just read some of the massive amounts I have accumulated and sooner or later I will be led to something new, I knew there was a reason that I downloaded the book!


It's quite common for me to be following a few trails in my seeking, and I often switch between these paths regularly, try to always have much more stuff than you can read in a few weeks on hand, this will allow you to keep your seeking engaged constantly.

more to come soon...